Monday, July 07, 2008

Two new routes

The tough Loch Goil loop.

Anne and I made the best of the weather this morning by taking a walk to fairlie along the edge of the moor. Visibilty was quite good and because of the lack of wind the reflection on the sea were lovely. It just kept getting better and better as we walked. By the time we got to Fairlie we had missed the train but because it was shaping up so nicely we decided to continue on to Largs thinking thoughts of Craigmiles cafe for lunch.
PM the showers set in a bit and I got 'plugged' into the computer to generated two new routes for my web site using dreamweaver, it allows me to make minimum use of yahoo page builder which tends to freeze up.
Anyway the result is two new route descriptions one for Arran Black and one for Carrick Castle (a bit of a beautiful monster).

Videos of both can be seen from blog entries below.


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