Sunday, July 06, 2008

Carrick Castle

Stuck in the mud Bealach an Lochain

I was desperately trawling maps early this morning trying to find a nearby MTB loop that I hadn't investigated already.
There seems to be a part of my personality(?) that demands something new now and again (and again) with a bit of a challenge.
Well certainly I found it today on the MTB loop to Carrick Castle coming back via a bit of the Cowel Way over Bealach an Lochain.
The challenge was the uphill bike carry on wet boggy ground over the Bealach (Scottish pass).
On the way over the bealach I discovered a new form of mountain biking only it would have to be called Loch Biking because I found it easier to cycle along the loch shallows than on the so called footpath.
I also got a little lost even carrying a GPS and map, the secret is to use them at the right time, like when I went through a track junction without checking and ended up carrying the bike over a felled area rather than go back.
I also thought I'd found a new custom built MTB trail and followed it way way up the hillside only to discover it dead ended, got some steep downhill as a reward, but it wasn't enough to make up for the extra bike pushing!
I may generate a web page for the route but it will have a health warning attached to it....may cause extremely wrinkled feet due to excessive wet and blisters to the shoulder from carrying the bike!

Shot a bit of video on route, its of the boring variety due to bike carrying.


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