Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jumps at Fairlie

Fairlie glen jump

Tom and I had a couple of hours out on ther road bikes this morning, Dalry out toward Beith, down to Eglinton for a cafe stop then back along the cycle route and very pleasant it was.
PM I went out over Glentane hill to check out some trail grooming I've been doing on a slippy drop. I've put a couple of rocks in place to stop erosion and to reduce the ARGH! factor, I'm pleased to say it now runs very nicely.
After checking the drop I decided to take the lovely hillside track to Fairlie, its nice and dry at the moment so the trail's really nice.
Three young lads were playing on the jumps at Fairlie glen and I got a few clips to stick together with some other stuff to produce a video.
Hope the youngsters find it!
After leaving them to their fun I climbed all the way up onto the moor above Kelburn to do 'Kelburn top to bottom' the best (non jump) MTB fun to be had at Fairlie all the way down through Kelburn and Fairlie Glen, a great little downhill.


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