Monday, August 04, 2008

Shower dodging on the Greenock Cut

A rather stretched view from the Greenock cut

Sunday (yesterday) I'd offered to take my son up to the airport, he's off on a training course down south but I put the MTB on the back of the car to try and get an hour or two if the forcasted showers passed over.
I decided the cut above Greenock would be a good option sort of on the way and if it was wet I'd just head back down the coast home.
I was lucky though by the time I got there the showers were passed and the sun was shining.
Coffee and cake time a lunch substitute before setting off across the little hill toward Greenock and the cut.
I left the main track at the top of the hill in order to get a bit of singletrack beyond the communications masts at the reserviors on the NE side of the hill, its a nice little trail with a great view.
After doing the little bit of technical stuff I cut back east to the Greenock cut lovely views on an easy trail, really worth doing and if you fancy a bit more add on the Kelly cut, I intended to but the sky looked ominous so I opted for home and some hedge cutting, unfortunatetly rain stopped play on that as well.
View the short boring video here.


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