Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Culzean on the cheap

Cormorant at Culzean

Anne had a notion for Culzean autumn colours today. Its a place we have spent many happy hours wandering about in all seasons for the past 30 odd years (some of those years have been very odd indeed) but rarely have we payed. Being walkers (and cheapskates) we usually park at Maidens and walk in the back door. One other advantage of this is that the cafe stop is mid way on the walk with all the best bits in between, Barrwhin views over Maidens Bay first followed by a nice woodland to the Swan Pond, then the Cliff walk, Castle, Coffee at the park centre and return via the gardens, Happy Valley, Swan Pond and beach.
Today the sun was shining and much to my surprise the garden was still full of colourful flowers, many of them the same as we have in our garden but ours are long past. As for autumn colours... well lets just say the best has still to come.

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