Sunday, September 21, 2008

Two good days on the bike

Two day video Ardentinny and Mauchline Gorge

Yummy! two good days in a row I'm exhausted.
Yesterday I went across the water yet again to Dunoon to investigate trails around Ardentinny and perseverance has payed off again...I found some...great! These's also a bit of fun downhill that I'll need to get into my web site.
The problem is that there is a 10mile road cycle to get there but at least there is a reward. Actually there are two downhills one beside Knap Burn and one above the car park (MR194895) at the forest track junction and its very nice (but short).
To make a decent MTB outing I came back via East Loch Eck track, its got a nice singletrack down to the road and the cafe in Benmore Gardens for coffee and cake before the return to the ferry.

Today was even nicer than Ardentinny forest trails. Graham and I went through Mauchline Gorge twice (out and back), then to Auchinleck and Dumfries Houses all linked together (almost) with off road and some really nice singletrack and the sun shone too, yipee! it was fabulous, much more variety than Ardentinny and absolutely no, not even one, forest road.

Mauchline gorge route description can be viewed here, there ain't much better in mid Ayrshire (unless you know different).

PS have put the Ardentinny trail (GPX) on triptracker with a few photos, find more if you want by searching using keyword 'wheehamx'


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