Friday, January 23, 2009

The trials of pinhole photography

At last!...a decent pinhole photo

Got some pinhole images back from 'the lab' but again mostly they were lessons to be learned.
My Agfa Clack has a light leak somewhere, I'll need to take it to bits to have a look and maybe add a light proof lens cap
However my homemade cardboard ugly is working great (except for the slack shutter) but I seem to be getting most of my pinhole photos underexposed (shouldn't have changed film type)
I've been fixing them digitally from the scanned images, kind of defeats the object of getting back to the pinhole basics of really thinking about the photo I want to take BEFORE I take it and accepting the result as a finished item.
Maybe as I learn the lessons and get better the images will be presentable in their unedited that would really be something....I think?

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