Friday, March 06, 2009

A bit of local MTBing

Garden falls at Blair

Got out for a jaunt on the bikes today with Graham, wasn't expecting to hear from him until next WE so it was a pleasant surprise.
Weather looked good as we headed down the beach to Portencross with a bit of nice wind assistance along the flat but around here the time always comes for a bit of significant climbing- up on to the moor where most of the best trails are to be found.
To get up there we climbed the Biglees quarry track quite a demanding bit of climbing, rough and loose, then along the wide wet track to the Fairlie Glen downhill.
I was very pleased to clean the Fairlie burn crossing Graham though failed and got his feet good and wet. Not that it mattered much the weather was going downhill fast.
We turned for home at Fairlie into the wind and rain, luckily a shower, it just stayed on long enough to get us properly wet and cold.

I was going to link to the route but this is the best I can do.

PS Got a few nice photos back from the lab today view them here.



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