Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Parkhill Woodalnd walk

Pinhole of Portencross harbour

Yesterday I received a delivery of chemicals and ortho lith film for pinhole photos.
So before Anne was out of bed I set about getting my first photo(s) with it and managed fine (I thought) leaving them to dry while we went off up to Castle Semple to have a nice walk around Parkhill wood. It was unusually bright the sort of bright that comes with showery weather, sure enough it showered, but only a little.

PM I was keen to have another go at the pinhole film developing thing. I blacked out the kitchen window with a screen I built last week end, loaded the 'camera' ( a cylindrical short bread tin) with film and went off to my favourite photo spot (Portencross).
The good news is the exposures were fine and the images were OK but the development was way off, I got lots of blotches on the negatives, apart from that I was quite pleased.

View the not so wonderful results here on Flickr.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like these recent pin holes pics you've been taking. Dont know whats changed but last few sets have been far better imo. :)


10:33 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Black and White home processing, bad development, blotch film, all adds to the 'atmosphere' of the photo.....maybe

8:27 PM  

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