Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mountain Biking on a lovely spring day

Bumble bee working the spring flowers

I was keen to get a few pinhole photos this morning, loaded up some cameras with film and set off around the village to capture a few in the lovely morning sunshine.
Nice but then I squandered the rest of the morning in the darkroom developing them.
PM though I got out for a blast on the mountain bike over Busbie Muir windfarm, just wonderful up there cool and clear, with the skylarks chirping away and great views over the Clyde to Arran.
Came back down the 'Kings' road to Law Castle and steeply down into the village, mud flying off the wheels.
It was still quite early but again I was keen to copy the mornings photos into the computer so, after hosing down the bike, it was back to the 'digital darkroom' for me.

View the mornings B&W pinhole slideshow"

View the PM MTBing spring slideshow


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