Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mountain biking Irvine valley

Kilmaurs toll house pinhile image

Got out yesterday on the MTB on Irvine valley trails. Been a wee while since Graham and I have been there, its nice and sheltered and we hoped it'd keep the cold north wind off us, a good decision!
The full route is quite a beast we cut off the eastern loop in favour of the woodland tracks.
Unfortunately my chain broke again I was hoping it would last this one more outing as I intended going up to my favourite cycle shop Walkers Cycles to get some new drive chain bits.
Since my changer is worn out I've decided to convert to eight speed, the 9 speed has never worked well the chains are too weak and wear out far too quickly. Time will tell if its a good decision.

The route starts at Loudoun Kirk a picturesque spot so I took along a pinhole camera and took a couple of photos one of the kirk and one of Kilmaurs toll house (above). I'm pleased with the progress I'm making with this pinhole stuff, I've started developing some of images at home, just black and white, good fun except it can cause a bit of conflict for use of the kitchen.
Still doing colour stuff as well, when I got home from the MTB outing there was a set back from the lab, they are pinhole photos of Ayr from last weeks Troon to Ayr walk,the photos can be viewed here.

Some more here normal digital photos from the same walk.


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