Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Encouter with a fox

Fox near Blackshaw pond

Anne and I had a gentle (pinholing) walk up to the wind farm and back down on the Kings Way footpath.
It was one of these walks that's never very far from places you've been before but is new enough to be interesting, although I find interesting in the strangest of places.
We meadered through little bit of neglected woodland along beside a stream off and on, then through an area the landowner has converted into an open parkland with managed routes around the pond and trees.
Its lovely, all the nicer for the fact that its being looked after by a farmer chap, no doubt with a few grants from the public purse.
Just as we were leaving the pond area onto what I call the King Way I saw a fox just over the horizon.
We dashed into cover and were rewarded by a nice view and a few photos as the fox wandered by.
It did hear the sound of the camera and got suspicious eventually dashing off when it identified humans behind the camera, but not before I'd got a few shots.

Two slide shows to see a digital colour + fox and a pinhole B&W.


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