Sunday, May 17, 2009

The quarry route

Biglees waterfall in pinhole.

This was an at home week end for my cycling chum Graham. He was telling me he'd been mtbing at the Quantocks with another (work) cycling pall, monstrous climbs he was telling me. I was quite envious although I'd only consider going there if I was in the area for other reasons. There is mtbing a plenty up in Scotland.

The weather people said it would rain quite a bit over the WE but they got it wrong yesterday was quite nice except for a couple of short light showers.
We got out for a few hours along the beach Goldenberry then the hard quarry climb followed by a rough downhill reward and back via Portencross.
I haven't been doing a great deal of MTBing recently so it was great to get out on the bike along some nice local dry trails.

The route is a combination of Goldenberry and the Quarry.

I've been developing some B&W pinhole stuff on Xray film view a few images here in a FLICKR slideshow.

Today I took a walk along the hillside to Largs. The weather was lovely, sunny and breezy with good visibility. Over Glantane, along the ridge above the normal cycle trail to Fairlie Glen, from there I took the low route through Kelburn.
Shot off a few pinhole photos on the way. View slideshow


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