Sunday, July 17, 2005

Side Saddle in Eglinton

I took Anne for a rare cycle today from Eglinton Park round to Dalgarven Mill for a spot of light lunch, delicious rubarb tart and cream.... yummy.
When we got back to Eglinton there were a group of horse riders in fancy dress, some sort of side saddle club, it made for pleasant spectating.
I took a few pictures and you can view them here.

Later for an adrenalin fix I went out on the MTB over the usual scary bits of what I call "my back yard" on the hills of Fairlie moor, even managed the rocky ramp.
I hate to think what would happen if I fell off there; I wouldn't stop rolling till I hit the bottom of Glentane hill.....shudder!

Went to the TAJ for tea - great food - the service was a bit slow cause they weren't busy and the waiters were standing about chatting, but it was still fine really.


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