Monday, July 11, 2005

Eaglesham and the disappeared traffic

While driving home from our Corsican adventure we came down via East Kilbride and it occurred to me that the new M77 would leave the old A77 very quiet and open up a cycling route to Eaglesham so today I gave it a go.
It turned out to be about 80km from home but it was a grand cycle.

I had a few stops on route as it was quite warm and I didn't want to dehydrate so the Stewarton and Eaglesham cafe stops were more or less essential.

There were some great views up north to Ben Lomond and west to Arran, there were still a few road works on the old A77 so it would have been better to go to Waterside and then Fenwick.

I have added the route to my web pages - click here to view.


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