Saturday, October 29, 2005

Car shopping and Kelburn

My son is car hunting so in the morning went along with him for a look at what there was in a local dealers yard.
His ideas are so narrow, black, two door, alloys, 1600+ engine, what we saw was either too expensive to insure or not up to scratch, it's so difficult it's depressing.

PM got out on the MTB along the beach but couldn't get up Goldenberry as the farmer was using the track to herd sheep, so ended up along the Portencross trail, Hunterston estate, Kelburn for a change.
Went up the moor thinking I'd go home over Caldron hill but the clouds came down and the rain started so did the lower downhill and through Hunterston estate, back about 4pm, quite happy with my efforts and fully recovered from the mornings waste of time.

The sun shone Thursdays past and my outing to Symington, Dundonald and Kilmaurs is now a web page view it here and lots of Ayrshire pictures here.


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