Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A day of three parts

Picture above was taken on the Dailly road from Maybole see a route here.

Decided this morning to stay local, it was cloudy and breezy, so went round to the windfarm on Busby Moor, two turbines were under maintenance, seems they are not as reliable as might by hoped it's a common thing to see them stopped with a van parked at their base.
Continued along to Knockewart and up Fairlie moor, turned off at the summit just by the cattle grid, pushed, carried and cycled up to the top of Caldron hill to get the nice descent to Crosbie, the view was fabulous, looking across Goldenberry to the Cumbries, Arran and Bute, continued past Crosbie back home for lunch.

Did some more leak sealing on the garage after lunch, hopefully the last bit of work needed.
About 2pm it was much brighter and the wind had dropped so jumped on the bike again, over Glentane onto the moor, met an old aquaintence up flying his glider, and we agreed to get together soon for a cycle outing.
Zoomed the downhill and took a loop up Goldenberry before meeting Jim on his way home from work.
Great day again!!


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