Saturday, April 15, 2006

River Ayr Trail

Sluice gears near Stair

Graham and I revisted the River Ayr trail Anne and I walked during the week, although on the bikes we got much further and much muddier.
We started at Auchincruive going pleasantly up river on the rather muddy track to Annbank.
The west side of Annbank has some nice singletrack to descend and climb, nice, if you can ignore the litter!
The next section had even more mud and some push taking us to an old mine with a quarry to play about in.
Along to Stair Inn, but we were too early for lunch opening so we ate a snack at the outside tables before heading for Barskimming's river Ayr gorge, Failford and the new trail along the river from Failford to Stair.
The next time at Stair Inn we ordered some beer and a spot of lunch before retuning to Auchincruive, tired but happy.

View the route description here.

Todays pictures here.


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