Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Abbey at Kilwinning

Horses and Benslie church

Nice morning, so decided to head inland on the road bike, a choice of three routes dependent on the weather.
Cycling toward Dalry the dark skies north elliminated the RSPB run so I turned south toward the sun and away from the showers.
I was very tempted to stop for tea at Dalgarven mill but went half way up the little steep hill to take a picture and just kept going.
As a little change I went through the grounds of Montgreenan Hotel on the way to Kilwinning, it cuts out a short section of 'A' road although the drive is a bit bumpy, you'd think a 3 star country hotel would sort there drive up a bit to give their customers a better first impression.

Partly to bypass the horrible cycle way in Kilwinning I decided to pay a photo visit to Kilwinning Abbey, and rejoin the route at the nice back road to Stevenston, the Abbey provided some nice photos, it's worth a visit if passing along the cycleway.

Got home about 1.30, had a spot to eat and got on the MTB for a short spin down the beach and onto Goldenberry for another 1.5 hours, making a total of 4.5 hours cycling today, apart from getting caught in the tail end of a shower along the shore cycleway it was all very, very nice indeed.

Todays pictures here.


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