Monday, April 17, 2006

Gorge walk

We had lots of time today to get on with a good walk so Anne and I went down to the Ayr river gorge near Mauchline.

The river runs through an impressive sandstone strata that millions of years ago were dunes in a dessert, it can be seen in the sweep of the bedding and makes for some wonderfull rock formations.

Near the start of the walk a rock face off to the right about 100m has cup and ring markings, Anne and I wondered if they may not be that ancient but part of the quarriers amusement during their breaks from cutting stone in the quarry just next door.

Along beside Lugar water, 2 miles further, there are some fine rock formations no doubt carved out by the river many thousands of years ago, each of these rock platforms is crowned by mature deciduous trees making a fine sight.

The walk is very pleasant indeed but suffers from the very Scottish failing of random dumping of large quantities of junk and rubbish even in the most beautiful of spots, shame on us!

Todays pictures here (no rubbish to be seen)

Walk description here.


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