Friday, August 11, 2006

A Wedding at Dundonald

The bridal party at Dundonald

Tom's bike was in for repair of a very worn bottom bracket bearing but fortunately the work has been done and he was happy to go for a cycle outing today.
I figured with the wind supposedly reducing in the afternoon a clockwise Kilmarnock circuit would be good.
We took the bikes on the car down to Dundonald Castle car park, the route goes Kilmaurs, Galston, Tarbolton (nearly), Dundonald and is about 60km, so a good run on quiet lanes.
We stopped off at Galston Co-op for lunch, post lunch the wind hadn't dropped so it was fresh on the way back to Dundonald.
We arrived back just as a wedding party was arriving so sat down in the cafe for a snack and to watch things develop, the bride arrived and I managed a couple of photos of the bridal party, nice end to a pleasant day on the bikes.

Photos here.

Route description here (Galston start)


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