Monday, October 30, 2006

Racing the rain

Fungus Fairlie wood

We were half expecting some builders today to replace our small porch but no show, Anne was a bit off colour so I left her reading a book and got out on the mountain bike over scary Glentane before the forecast rain set in.
Got back about 12.30 still no builders and still no rain.
After a spot of lunch Anne and I went fungi hunting in some small woodland up Fairlie moor and found the thing pictured above, its only just over an inch in diameter but as you can see its very different from the norm with its filaments and dripping yuck, I was very pleased to find it.
As we returned home the drizzle finally set in so I decided to finish the day with a jog down the Glen and beach before tea, its quite refreshing jogging in drizzle.

Lots more fungi photos.


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