Sunday, November 26, 2006

A day at play

No fee to join this club

Despite the encouter above I had a fun day yesterday.
In the morning Anne and I had a walk over Goldenberry watching birds, taking photos and video and after a bracing visit to the cairn at the summit we had a play on the splendid rope swing in the trees.
PM Anne gave me and MTB a lift to the top of Hailie Brae to give me a mainly downhill run through Kelburn to Fairlie.
It was great looking over the Clyde from the Douglas Park viewpoint but I resisted the temptation to do the 'official' downhill from here down through the park as it would wipe out the height I needed for Kelburn.
I took lots of video on route and thoroughly enjoyed myself, lets hope there's lots more days like that before I join the 'Club with no fee above.'

Photos here, although still havent figured out how to get them in the order I want.

MTB video

Goldenberry video


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