Saturday, December 30, 2006

Baidland and a sunset

Portencross sunset

Graham and I met up this morning for a bit of off roading on the mountain bikes, up Baidland (Wardlaw) windfarm, oh my! what a long climb, and when we got there it blew and it rained so we didn't hang about, shot off down towards Fairlie, it got nice and sunny as we went along the Fairlie track then down to the shore front for a snack in the sun.
Back home for a coffee just after 2pm and a look at the photos.

Last gasp of the day Anne and I went down to Portencross, in the expectation of a nice sunset, we weren't disappointed, but we did get out boots rather muddy as we walked the shore front footpath, but hey, thats what boots are for!

Some summer photos here.

Short video of today here.


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