Friday, December 22, 2006

Shore Birds and Burn Splodging

Fairlie Waterfalls

Went off for a spot of bird video and a walk on Hunterston Penisula as Anne was off shopping.
During the walk as it was a bit grey I was watching out for macro photo shots, so found myself concentrating on all sorts of strange things such as lichen, tree roots, broken branches, ferns, moss on walls, it got very quiet and grey until all I could hear was my own footsteps and breathing and my thinking went the same way, just contemplating my surroundings.
I felt really really relaxed pottering about taking photos until serious drizzle set in but by then it was lunch time.

PM was drizzly so went for a bit of burn splodge up Fairlie burn took some video to combine with the morning birds on the shore, view it here, some photos here.


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