Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lochwinnoch birds

Grey Heron

Nice morning, Anne and I went up to Lochwinnoch, I hoped to get a bit of bird video and have a little walk around Parkhill wood, one of our regular short walks.
There wasn't much bird action at the RSPB but got three short videos before going off for the walk.
Castle semple loch was quite good for birds, the usual Swans and Mallard but also some tufted, goldeneye and goosander.
Unfortunately the goldeneye and goosander seem to synchronise their dives with my attempts at video so didn't get one second of either but in Parkhill Wood there was a flock of long tailed tits flitting about and got a few seconds of that, though they were against the sky so not great.

View the video here and some my bird album here.


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