Friday, December 29, 2006

The family thing

Descent from Knockewart hill

Boxing day was planned as a family day, however that was the afternoon so got away out of Anne's way, on the bikes with Graham over Busbie Muir Windfarm and Knockewart hill back down to West Kilbride on the Kings way, gloriously wet and muddy but great fun.
Took a little video, some pictures here.
It was grey but dry, the two hours on the bike set me up nicely for boxing day lunch, the last of the present opening and a silly afternoon of games and booze finally settling down to watch the christmas DVDs.
Next two days Anne and I were over at my sisters place on the East Coast for more of the same, food, drink and a nice walk.
Just Hogmanay to go before we get back into the usual swing, so far no hangovers, hope I can keep it that way.


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