Sunday, December 24, 2006

Saltcoats to Largs

Grey Squirrel

Despite a very cool grey day Graham and I set off for a MTB outing Saltcoats to Largs, half on road half off.
We met on the high road and then over Fairlie Moor to the rough track along the hillside to Fairlie.
There was a rather flighty horse at Dykehead farm, it got all worked up as we passed.
I think it may be a new aquisition of the farm owner but I wouldn't like to get on its back, it looked as if it would gallop off into the distance a the slightest excuse, give me the mountain bike any day.
I've ridden in the past but only riding school horses which can be hard just to get moving.

Graham had a little misshap in Fairlie wood, he slipped off a root into a dip and sort of went over the bars, fotunately no harm done.
We stopped of at the Harlequin cafe for some soup, coffee, and cake before heading back along the coast to Portencross and the beach.
A wonderful 5 (easy) hours on the MTB.

Took some video along the way also some photos from a recent Largs walk.


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