Monday, December 04, 2006

Birds and Biglees

Black Headed Gull

Since the weather was showery this morning I went down Hunterston for some bird photos, nice clip of a curlew and a distant eider.
PM Anne and I went up Biglees on Fairlie moor for a little walk, it was still showery but with some tree cover it was pleasant.
It was looking dry though dull at the end of the walk, Anne suggested I walk home, so thats what I did, and very nice it was too.
On the way back took a bit of video to add to the bird clips and went into Caldron wood in the hope of seeing a stinkhorn fungus (image X in album) but they were all gone, guess December is too late for them.
On Drummilling hill I disturbed a couple of deer but was too slow to get a video.
Got home 3pm feeling quite pleased with my day.

Todays photos here.


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