Monday, November 27, 2006

Kaim and Caldron downhills

Kaim hill splash

Just realised that this video thing can give single frames of action shots, a nice spin off. Photos here.
Yesterday I went over to my local unofficial downhill route on Kaim hill to try and capture some video action.
It was a lovely day for it cool clear with just a little breeze so I was quite comfortable during all the stop start nonsence of video production.
After some time on the side of the hill I met three MTB'rs coming down through the quarry and followed them down but they veered off on the short route while I took the long route.
Had lunch at the waterfall before deciding to head up again over my other local hill, Caldron, for more downhill action. The only trouble with Caldron though is the long push and carry to the top, but the view and the ridge run make it worthwhile.

PS Just noticed this new Yahoo Photo rubbish has screwed the links from this blog to my photos, THAT IS SO ******* ANNOYING!!, what am I supposed to do now go back over all my pages and change all the links, AARGH!!!!....MORE EXPLETIVES!!!...

Kaim downhill video
If the embeded video doesn't run use this link.


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