Friday, December 08, 2006

Shore to moor walk

Mull view

The picture above was taken during a couple of wonderfull September days days on Mull in 2004 view the web page description here..
I'm missing those sunny summer days.

Down the shore yesterday there was a flock of curlew in the field as they flew over I noticed some lapwig amongst them, I thought they'd all be away to warmer places but it seems some are overwintering here no doubt due to mild winters.

PM it brightened up nicely so I decided to take a strole up Fairlie Glen onto the moor, was considering going up onto Blaeloch hill to the plane wreckage but there was some cloud lingering so just admired the view and took a wander back down through Kelburn.
In Kelburn I came across the skull of a pheasant that I think a fox had killed so took a clip to include in a short video I'd taken along the way.
A very nice afternoons strole.

I'll link to the video shortly, some Kelburn summer photos here.


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