Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wet upon wet

Grey Heron

Anne was off shopping this morning so took a strole over Goldenberry.
It rained quite a bit but there wasn't much wind so the wellies and brolly worked fine.
One of the tracks I walk regularly has been chewed to mud by machinery pulling out timber, I recon it will be a year to recovers, shame, its a nice walk.

PM I went up to Fairlie glen and although I hadn't planned it, I ended up doing a walk up the burn getting as close to all the waterfalls as I could.
I called it burn splodging when doing it with the kids years ago.
It was a bit iffy at times scrambling beside the gorge on slippy slopes in wellies, not something I recommend to anyone, but it was great fun, I got very very wet.
The waterfalls were nice and I've put them together with some summer pictures in video.


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