Saturday, December 09, 2006

An unexpected walk

Kaim downhill today

Yesterday Anne and I had a marvellous walk over Law and Blackshaw Hill the air was clear and cool and we took lots of photos and a short video.

Thought I'd go up to Knockendon windfarm today on the MTB but after last nights dance and booze I wasn't on top form so asked Anne to run me up in the car to save the climb.
It was rather cold up there in the cool NW wind, ended up puting on the wateproofs to keep warm on the way downhill.
After Knockendon I decided to climb Kaim hill to the quarry to enjoy the downhill, it was great as always, if just a bit wet.
On the way back I'd intended to go over Goldenberry but while avoiding a car I hit a pothole and got a pinch punture, no problem until the spare tube valve fell apart.
The pinch was un repairable just went down instantly, I thought about stuffing the tyre with grass, I've done it before and it works after a fashion, but it takes some time so in the end just decided to walk the two miles home.

Took a little video on route view it here some photos here.


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