Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Eglinton Park


Eglinton Pond

Had a stroll today at Eglinton Park just north of Irvine, the north side of the park is away from the main road so doesn't suffer from the traffic noise of the other parts of the park. The birds seem to think its spring, they were singing their little heart out, it was lovely. The pond, which incidentally is the best course fishing in SW Scotland, was a flat calm with beautiful reflections and a couple of swans looking for food. I took some video and combined today's clips with those from a previous visit on the bikes, just a little to give some movement, after all that's what video is all about.

PM took a stroll over Goldenberry, removed a rock (booby trap) from the MTB trail then later had a jog down the beach, unfortunately my legs felt like lead, I found it really hard just to keep up a gentle jog, probably due to cycling and badminton yesterday, however I did manage to do the circuit without a walk, only just.


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