Tuesday, February 20, 2007

RSPB Lochwinnoch


Went out on the road bike today, first time this year, cycled over to the RSPB centre at Lochwinnoch, I like it there, its usually quiet and I can watch the birds while warming up with a cup of coffee and a cake.

I was lucky with the bird video today, got clips of robin, goldfinch, siskin, and bluetit. I filmed them through a set of binoculars for the use of visitors. Its easier to frame the birds with hand held binoculars but hard to keep the picture steady, but I was quite pleased with the result.

On the way back I decided to go over the moor road and just as I was taking some video I was lucky to get a clip of a vintage car going the opposite direction, pure chance but really nice.

I slowed the clip down and thats why the car sounds a bit clattery.

View todays video here.

View the route description here

Some photos here


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