Thursday, February 15, 2007

Just out and about


Wardlaw Cottage in Kelburn

Just been out and about locally the past couple of days. A couple of hours on the bike yesterday. It looks like the chap who blocks one of my MTB trails is resorting to booby traps, blocking the trail with rocks and disguising with them with vegetation. I can't fathom what goes on in some peoples heads, I've been going along that trail for almost 10years no problem, now some prat is trying to cause me damage, I just don't get it.

Yesterday Anne and I took a stroll from Failie to Largs through Kelburn, it was a lovely day, not crystal clear but still cool and sunny. Took a few photos along the way trying to get a little variation on the usual shots I take up there. Lunch at Craigmiles Cafe and return a long the shore front. Very pleasant indeed.

PS This new blogger is a bit strange, I seem to have to put hidden characters in to get the layout I want and the linking to my photos is a bit of a pain, but maybe its just I haven't found the easy way of doing it yet. Another demonstration that change isn't always for the better!


Blogger Jinxx said...

Do you know if its a farmer or just someone with a grudge against anyone else using the trail, you should report it to the local police, they might not be able to do anything at the time, but there will be a report on file in case you, or someone else is injured.

Cannot put on a blog what i think of these kinf of people, lets jiust say it involves a few choice Anglo Saxon expletatives

11:36 AM  
Blogger Whee said...

I think I'd know him if I see him not a name though. The problem started the day after I met him when I was titivating a trail, so I think he got the hump then.
I am going to patrol the trail for a while, if it doesn't stop I'll take it further.

3:42 PM  

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