Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Around and about Ayrshire

River Ayr near Annbank

Graham phoned Friday, he thought the weather looked best for a Saturday MTB outing so after a confirmation phone call Saturday morning we arranged to meet on the high road to have a go on some local trails, the beach, Goldenberry, Biglees, Fairlie, a sort of up and down figure of eight with a nice pint of ale and light lunch at the Mudhook Inn in Fairlie, afterwards we were quite content to take it easy back along the cycleway. Beer and food don't mix well with mountain biking, nice enough, but its best to get the serious effort out of the way first.

Sunday and Monday were bright am wet pm, Anne and I managed a couple of short walks in the mornings one at Auchincruive and another at Lanfine. Today was bright and breezy and the weather forecast looked OK. We walked one of our regular trails from West Kilbride to Fairlie, it was nice walking weather, the views were good if not great and we timed it nicely for the train in Fairlie, also the ticket lady was past our carriage so we got a free ride back home.
PM I got out on the MTB for a couple of hours over my secret trails, luckily they seem to stay quite firm even after heavy rain, although I'm sure that would change if they saw more MTB action, another good reason to keep quiet about them.

Shot a little bit of video over the past few days so stuck them together and onto my YAHOO videos, there are some nice views over the Clyde but no thrills, spills or excitement, just a little reminder of a nice days walking.

A few photos here.


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