Monday, March 12, 2007

Burning calories

Dunlop Village

A check of the immediate weather this morning, ie step outside and look at the sky, looked good so got out the road bike again, third time this year...must be spring.
I'd decided to over to Stewarton and the Coffee Pot cafe for some lunch about 50km round trip.
It wasn't long until I was beginning to doubt the decision the clouds were piling in and the sun disappeared, however I stuck with it past the chicken out turning.
As I approached Dalry there was a cyclist pushing his bike, no flat tyre that I could see, I slowed and asked if he was OK. He was fine saying he likes to walk down hill and cycle up hill so that he can burn calories, I was flabbergasted, wasting all that potential energy by walking, why not just go up more hills, or cycle on the flat, or just go further, arrgh, it makes no sense, its a waste, its daft, not only that he was thin as a rake....guess that means it works... but its still bonkers!..walk down!!
Discounting lunch that was the highlight of the day really it was dull, cool, and breezy, just the kind of day I don't like on the road bike.
Got back about 2pm and after a quick shower and coffee break went up Fairlie moor to do some trail bashing till tea time. The sun came out to smile on my efforts, lovely shafts of light shone out around the clouds over Arran and I didn't have the camera to capture it, what a bummer!

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Blogger Jinxx said...

You really have to wonder at some peoples sanity, even if he put it into a high gear and cycled down the hill, i think Homer Simpson sums it up best, D'oh

9:19 AM  
Blogger Whee said...

Yeah, perhaps he's rationalising a fear of speed, maybe he had a horrible crash downhill as a boy, but then why cycle at all, nope I don't get it.

9:54 AM  

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