Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dundonald Paths

Dundonald Castle

Had a nice walk with Anne this morning around the new Dundonald hill paths, well nice if you ignore the litter at the start and the noise of the quarry workings. I think this is one spot that is best walked at the week end when the quarry is not operating.
Its possible to do a figure of eight walk (or MTB) by using the new path in combination with some of the better rough tracks, although there are one or two trees down breaking the flow of the trails for mountain biking, still good though.

Dundonald route description.

Its only 3pm, the sun's shining so I'm away out to enjoy it.

Went part way up the moor in the car and ran up into the old millstone quarry then up to the top of Kaim Hill. Tough going but I'm pleased with my fitness at the moment just about right for the coming cycling (recreational) season but I'll need to keep up the efforts to build up so that I can enjoy long days in the saddle.

Some Dundonald Hill photos.


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