Monday, March 19, 2007

Riverside walk

Stair Inn

The temperature today took a dive and with the stiff breeze Anne and I decided to walk in the shelter of the River Ayr, doing a variation of one of out regular walks from Auchincruive, extending it to Stair Inn for lunch then walking back along the other riverbank.
The walk was pleasant enough but the new river Ayr track is a bit dull I much preferred the return loop on the south side of the river, no crunch of prepared track and much less mud.
The walk took 4.5hrs including the lunch stop and I may get round to adding it to my web site.
Got back about 4.30 and went out for a spell to check up on one of my secret trails, sure enough its showing the scars of the downhill MTB'rs. I kicked over some of the damage but I'll just have to wait and see what reaction there will be from the land owner and other users, not good I'm sure.

While up there I shot some clips of a dramatic sky over Arran and have put it into a video of some spring flowers, birds and views.


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