Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No frost

Newborn lambs in Hunterston

I was hoping for hard frozen ground this morning, although the puddles were frozen the mud was still mud, ruling out the idea of a Fairlie moor crossing.
The breeze was from the south so I tootled off down the beach for a following wind, almost effortless cycling beside the sea from Seamill toward Portencross.
It got a bit dull, Arran disappeared in haze and before I reached the top of Goldenberry light snow was falling luckily it passed quickly so I carried on up to Biglees quarry, a long rough climb only just cycleable near the top but with a great outlook over Hunterston peninsula, then along to Fairlie and up into Kelburn to get the downhill past Fairlie castle.
I was having a picnic lunch up in Kelburn when I noticed a very large bulge in my tyre wall, I'd noticed a bit of wobble earlier but hadn't thought to check.
I let some air out of the tyre but it was too soft to cycle, I needed to fix it.
I've been caught out in the past with exploding tyres and carry some thickish polythene, if you wrap it round the tube at the bulge it keeps the tube inside and gets you home, its saved me (and Graham) several times.
In the end I had a tough but enjoyable 3.5hours on the MTB.
PM was still dry so I went along to one of my trails to kick over where the downhillers have been making a mess and to do a spot of trail clearing till tea time.

Similar route description here.


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