Sunday, March 18, 2007


Cottage near Mauchline Gorge

Mauchline gorge may be a nice spot but the old road is a tip, literally, 250m of rubbish, sad to think that its only the locals that will be doing the littering, what a mess.
It ruined our walk from the gorge to Sorn, well that and the blocked bridge at the pretty Catrine voes leading to another littered wilderness, and almost getting run down by a guy on quad bike hell bent on destroying the footpath.
Thank goodness Sorn is a nice spot pretty and well kept with a nice pub, the only saving grace of a 'rubbish' walk.

However I have put together some video showing the route from Ayr to Sorn, the whole route has more than enough to compensate for the unfortunate old gorge road.

River Ayr Way photos here


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