Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Misty Law

Barr Castle

I was a bit slow off the mark this morning I wanted to get out on the MTB a little further from home than recently but I just couldn't make up my mind where. Eventually though I decided to go over to Lochwinnoch and climb from castle Semple loch up toward Misty Law. Usually the track is waterlogged but its been dry for a few days so I was hoping it would be reasonable, in fact it was great, some kind person has drained the path at most of the worst spots and those left were just fun splashes.
I spent quite a bit of time taking video so the climb felt fairly easy up till the last half mile where it gets very steep and loose. The last little bit is a carry to get the bike to the top of Misty Law marked by a tiny cairn.
From there its a very long very rough descent with lots of fun splashes and rock dodging, absolutely great fun.

Misty Law route description

The first video I produced seemed a bit low resolution first try (better after a few plays for some reason) so I did another shorter one more of the downhill bit from the summit.

Todays longer video.

Short (downhill) video


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