Friday, April 06, 2007

Fairlie moor crossing

Arran from the moor

If anybody wants an easy crossing of Fairlie moor there's a single track road suitable for the car or the roadie but for the mountain bike there is a remote semi cyclable track out past the ruins of an old farm called Bradshaw. If its dry or frozen it becomes a bit less of a push and, since the ground is pretty dry at the moment I decided to go that way yesterday.
It starts over the side of Glentane hill a very narrow difficult (for my limited ability) singletrack. Yesterday it was a bit breezy and I ended up tumbling down the hillside not for the first time, but no harm done to me or the bike, except perhaps to my confidence.
The climb onto the high moor is a slog and got me wondering why I bother with this MTB run at all, at Bradshaw I rediscovered the answer, its remote, its quiet, the view is fabulous and the anticipation of the fabulous descent off the hill down to Fairlie makes the pushing and hard work all worthwhile.
Thats it out of my system for now but who knows when the call of Bradshaw will draw me out that way again.

Some video of the outing here.

Route description here.

Some photos here.


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