Sunday, April 01, 2007

Stinchar Bridge to Loch Doon Loop

Loch Doon Dam

Since it was a magnificent day I thought I'd get a bit further afield and have a matching magnificent mountain bike outing. I don't think there's anywhere better than the Stincher to Loch Doon loop, within a sensible drive that is.
It takes me almost an hour to get there by car but it is definitely worth the effort.
The trail was made by the forestry commission but it isn't a super smooth fast track with berms and jumps etc it's extremely rough and it takes a lot of concentration to keep the snake bite punctures at bay. There are some lovely rough downhill sections and the return is along a smooth forest road with fabulous views down into the remote Galloway hills.
Being a holiday week and a Sunday it was relatively busy on the trails, I saw about a dozen walkers but only one mountain biker on the rough stuff between Bradan and Doon and a few others near Loch Doon Castle.
It proved to be a fabulous day on the bike, a great trail with great views and possibly the remotest play area in Scotland just by the north side of the lovely Loch Riecawr, I couldn't resist a bit of a play.
On the way back home in the car I stopped off at the Buck in Straiton for coffee and some lovely carrot cake before wending my way home.

Route description here

Some photos here.

Today's video here.


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