Monday, April 02, 2007

Mugdock Park

North of Mugdock

I don't seem to have a web page describing the walk at Mugdock Park where Anne and I went today, just north of Mingavie, maybe I'll get round to it. Its a lovely walk from the centre around the park loch to Mugdock castle, down to the West Highland Way, out of the park around Craigallian Loch and back. A lovely couple of hours.
At the centre there's coffee and lunch available start and finish we took ours at the garden centre restaurant for a change.
We got there about 10am before the centre got busy, had a coffee and set off, by the time we got back about 1.30 it was like a different place there were so many people at the centre, but we managed to get some lunch before setting off for home.

After a spot of camera downloading I got out for a jog down at Portencross.
My it was a struggle! Maybe the walk had sapped my energy, or maybe yesterdays bike run, or maybe both, cause it wasn't easy at all, couldn't run up the steeper hill section to the top of Goldenberry hill, come to think of it I don't think I even looked at the view, what a waste!
Near the end of the hour I did get that nice floating feeling coming over me as I sort of settled into a rhythm even though I was barely managing to keep the pain at bay.

MTB route description here

Video of Mugdock here


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