Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Irvine and Dundonald

Irvine Harbourside

Now that its Easter holidays Dundonald Castle visitor centre is open, its a nice spot to stop for coffee and cake during a cycle. If its nice they put tables outside in sun sheltered by the building with a view up to the castle its a very pleasant spot. Tom and I went off on a 30mile road loop from Eglinton to Dundonald but for a change we cut over the new Dundonald paths toward Loans and came back along the Sustrans Trail through picturesque Irvine Harbourside.
Near Kilwinning we got talking to a bird watching chap who told up the Peregrine Falcons are back again at Portencross so PM I took a wander down there and after an hour of hunting I found them and also a pair of ravens. I'll be keeping a watch on them over the next few weeks hopefully I'll get some video for my efforts.

Irvine video here.

Some photos here


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