Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A wet spring day in Fairlie Glen

Bluebells in Fairlie Glen

It feel like the rain is following me, when I went over to Spain two weeks ago the rain was belting down over there and now I'm back the rain is belting down here.
The trails are a mess again and the cloud has barely got off the ground.
Its set to improve but it will take a while before the trails recover to what they were like a week ago.
I did get out for a brolly and wellies walk yesterday with the intention of trying to get some photos and video of the wet.
The rain was intermittient it was mild with almost no wind, quite pleasant really.
I met a couple up Fairlie Glen, they are on holiday from Croydon camping behind Largs they were enjoying the glen walk while trying to get a site of Dippers in the burn.
I shot a bit of video and a few photos which I have strung together and called 'A wet day in April'

Photos here.


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