Sunday, April 22, 2007

The usual stuff

Largs Bay

Since getting back from my little MTB holiday in Spain I've not been out much on the bike.
Anne and I have had a few local walks, one down around Hunterston Peninsula hoping to see the Peregrine Falcons but no luck and another from Fairlie to Largs on a beautifully clear warm day, it was a real treat and of course we stopped off at Craigmiles cafe for lunch.

Short video of the walk here.

Today didn't look very promising but Graham phoned and we decided to give it a go on the MTBs. Glad we did although the cloud never lifted it stayed dry and we had four great hours on our local trails up to Largs, back along the sea wall, Goldenberry and the beach, stopping of for a coffee and cake break in the Harlequin Cafe in Largs.
I was looking at a web site yesterday that described a long distance walk along the coast of Ayrshire and it got me thinking that my MTB through routes is almost good enough for long distance walks, I'd just need to add a few walk loops to the maps, add to the descriptions a little and it would be ready. Ho hum, looks like I've given myself a little project for next few evenings.

PS It was easier than I thought so view the through routes here.
If you click the maps you get a description of the route.


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