Thursday, July 26, 2007

No time

Sculpture on the Kilmacolm cycle track

Don't seem to have had much time for blogging I've been using most of my on line time to relink my photos and more time making some videos.
Cycling has been mainly on the road bike, trying to keep cool and away from the biting bugs.
Last week I did a long circuit (long for me) from home over to Kilmacolm via Loch Thom, on the way back I used the cycle way to avoid the climbs and came across scuptures by the side of the route that I didn't know existed.
The one pictured above was an early one and I thought at first as I approached there was a battle re-enactment going on.
It was a sunny Sunday and there were lots of folk out on the cycleway enjoying the nice weather come to think of it that was the last video I made up view it here.

Oh well time to get off line and get on with painting the house woodwork hopefully only a days work before I'm free to get on with more easygoing activities.


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